Client Testimonials

Family Therapy: August 2016

”Andrea has helped both myself and my son immensely. Coming from a background of both going thru domestic violence / abuse, Andrea has helped build and strengthen the relationship between myself and my son after awful trauma and to build our confidence self esteem and belief in ourselves that we can achieve our goals and move onto to a positive bright future. She has motivated me in such positive ways and helped me achieve things I couldn’t imagine ever doing at the start to a point where I have had the confidence and trust in myself to make life changing decisions to move my life to a better place where I should be to benefit all my family. Andrea instills positiveness and direction in me and has helped me immensely through my journey recovering from domestic abuse and PTSD. I cannot recommend Andrea’s services highly enough. She is currently working closely with my son again now to help with his ADHD / autistic spectrum issues, helping to encourage creativity empowering him and his ability to achieve and boosting his confidence in the school holidays and I can’t wait for the results of this to show to his school when he returns back in Sept.”

Personal Therapy: Jan 2017

”I booked in with Andrea as two very traumatic things had happened to me at the same time on top of me just about managing the grief of losing a parent i decided to listen to my inner voice and I decided it was time to talk to someone. I went off people’s profile particularly profile pictures to be honest I like an honest face and someone I feel I can relate to as a person. I have undertaken counselling with Andrea for several weeks and will be having top ups once a month, this has been very helpful and encouraged me to listen to my inner voice and enabled me to embrace some much needed self care. Andrea is a spiritual person as am I so this was an added bonus for me and brought something extra special to the sessions.”

Personal Therapy: Sept 2016

”I have attended counselling sessions with Andrea for over a year. She has been thoroughly professional and compassionate throughout. With her help, I have regained my self confidence and self esteem which was at an all time low. She has helped me to identify with myself again and given me coping strategies to deal with issues that have, and still do, affect me. I have found the sessions invaluable. I would have no hesitation to recommend her services.


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