I understand that sometimes…life can be challenging.

It may feel as though your life is working against you, or we are struggling to make sense of where we are going, or what we are supposed to be doing? We may even question why we are constantly striving for the next best thing, or trying to find a person who can really understand us, for who we really are, or who we are longing to become, or are we continually searching for someone to make us happy?
Why choose Counselling to help rebuild your life?
If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, or you feel you have any of your own personal questions which you need help and support to find the answers to. I know I can help you do this by offering you a safe, secure and peaceful space with a genuine and non judgmental approach and the time and space for you to achieve this.
I strongly believe that I can help you on your journey towards success by a variety of practical and integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy techniques to help you discover a new perspective or at least new ways of looking at your situation and in turn hopefully find the answers to your own unique set of Questions, by offering you that guiding and supportive relationship you may have been missing.
As a qualified professional Counselor and Psychotherapist, I feel that I am a ‘real down to earth’, compassionate, person who has had a variety of different life experiences and adversities to draw from both in my own personal life having come from a family of fourteen children and in my former career as a Nurse, Teacher, Single Mother and now as an established therapist. Having worked in a variety of clinical and therapeutic settings both here in the UK and the U.S.A.

Who can I help?

I am experienced in working with adults, couples and young people (11-18). I am also experienced in working with young children (5-10) who may be suffering with emotional issues (specializing in children with learning difficulties (as a diagnosed dyslexic myself). I feel I have a deeper insight and understanding of Dyslexia, A.D.H.D and Autism. I am happy to work with anyone who may be suffering with any form of disabilities with particular reference to its effect on the family.
I am passionate about working with families I can offer Practical Parenting strategies – from a professional and a holistic approach (and from my own experiences of raising a dyslexic daughter, and being a single Parent of two children) I can offer support to try and encourage working together, accepting difference and diversity in an attempt to try to create more understanding and hopefully help achieve increased happiness and harmony.
I hold an enhanced D/CRB Clearance and I am fully insured.
I also specialized in areas such as: Anxiety, Anxiety disorders, Self harm, Substance abuse, Relationship issues, Domestic Violence, Panic disorders,Post traumatic stress disorder, Post natal depression and Depression.
Any chronic Illness in particular Cancer (Having had a personal experience myself in the past).
I am extremely flexible with appointments and I am pleased to offer out of hours and weekend appointments to try to fit your requests. I feel I can offer you a place to speak openly and honestly without fear of being judged or misunderstood. Furthermore, if it is that you feel you have not really been listened to before, I can offer you the time and space to really help you find your voice and your true scene of self.
If you feel that I am the right person to help facilitate you or your Family on your journey, by providing the essential environment for you to explore what may be difficult inner conflicts, or any difficulties that you feel could be holding you back or indeed any type of fears, hopes or dreams, that you feel you would like to discuss in more depth – then please get in touch or if you would like more information.
I am always happy to help.
Best wishes…

Andrea Killeen
07847443950     /     01270 874338
OR if you wish to send me a text, or email I can get back to you ASAP.
I can usually provide appointments within the same week.